Mr. Jaekle has been trading stocks for almost 25 years and futures for over 20 years.

He started programming and testing his retail concepts early on. Reproducibility and verifiability have always been his most important principles.

Mr. Jaekle has worked on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and has managed institutional money with automated trading systems on futures for years. From this work, some articles in TRADERS’ and the book ‘Trading Systems’ have emerged.

Jaekle’s latest work concerns slower end-of-day trading systems in the stock markets. As with the fast and highly leveraged futures, his strategies on stocks also work according to understandable rules. One model for his current strategy was the so-called “IVY portfolio”, with which the endowments of the universities Harvard and Yale have regularly achieved double-digit returns with low equity draw-downs since the 1970s.

Recently Mr. Jaekle implemented this approach together with the Bollinger momentum strategy from his book in some software packages. (For example this is now freely available to customers of the TAI-PAN Realtime software:

However, Mr. Jaekle not only develops his strategies for customers, he also implements them with real money. Because only in real trade can it be seen whether a strategy works and whether it can be maintained in the long term.

Practice is more important than all literature and theory!

Mr. Jaekle shares his experience with other traders in his webinars and workshops. Go to the AmiBroker Video course.